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We need to talk about Human Unity

Sri Aurobindo on Internationalism as an Idea

Prana and the Sun of Knowledge

3/This research has led to efforts to integrate everything into one complete map--from James Baldwin, Sri Aurobindo, Maslow, Clare Graves (Spiral Dynamics) etc. Ken Wilber's is the most recent & most complete, accounting for all theirs w refinements. Thus, why his work is so imp.

#Aurobindo: Nietzsche fue un apóstol que nunca entendió enteramente su propio mensaje. Su estilo profético era como el de los oráculos de Delfos, que convertían la verdad en mentira para satisfacer a sus oyentes y creyentes.

"Psychiater C. G. Jung entwickelte ein psychologisches Modell der Individuation. Der  Philosoph Sri Aurobindo hinterließ eine integrale Synthese des Yoga. In beiden Fällen handelt es sich um einen lebenslangen Prozess nach dem Prinzip »Werde, der Du bist«.

New book by my cousin Seth. “Buddhism and Human Flourishing: A Modern Western Perspective”

The Buddhist sociologist David Loy refers to this "National-Ego" as "Wego" -- it's still within the orbit of narcissistic mind.

Find out how the 13th-century Chinese historian Ma-Duanlin mixed fact and fiction in his perception of Byzantium in a new blog post from the MI research blog.

Also pressurize elected representatives who claim to be from a "Hindu" party. Dont allow feckless Modi to have a majjaa ni life with Bollywood celebrities, palatial living & foreign jaunts while Hindus are being butchered in his backyard.
Wake up. He is running a secular socialist govt for last 6 with Hindu votes. Time is running out for Hindus. U cannot afford the blind worship of leaders like Gandhi, Nehru & Modi who outwardly fake Hinduism while serving anti-Hindu secularism & socialism.
Superb. This is what Hindu Rashtra-vadis have been saying for 5 years now since Modi's betrayal became obvious.
They are correcting it but India's "Hindu" leaders are themselves doing nothing & sucking up to the anti-Hindu pro-Islamic "secularist" Hindu-haters. How far can diaspora succeed? Sanghi confusion has disabled them all.

For some strange reason, the democratic progressive west tends to side with Islamists even when they are wrong & bashes Hindus even when they are clueless victims of Islamic violence & terror. The Indian (Hindu) diaspora have been unable to correct this narrative bias
Wish those Indian tycoons who have donated huge sums to Yale & Harvard had instead used the money to set up an alternative ecosystem..

Never heard anyone hit the nail harder than this person. Advocate    @jsaideepak destroys the logic of secularism when practised at religious places . Please hear this

The conditions of life (and law) in Late Modernity/"New Normal" often place people in a double-bind (Ed Snowden just one example). Cognitive dissonance is a consequence for those who try to "adapt", but can also ignite the social volcano.
The double-bind condition was also characteristic of the late stages of the USSR  and was described as "hypernormalisation" (just another way of saying "new normal"). It's a symptom of civilisational disintegration and decay.

Although the work of Karl Marx continues to cast an enormous influence on debates concerning the nature of capitalism, one of the least theorised dimensions of his body of thought is his conception of the society that must supplant capitalism.

I would suggest a book that’s called “the little book of calm” by Paul Wilson. It has great advices I have read from any self help book so far. It will take maximum of 30 mins to finish reading. Most efficient book ever! Highly recommend.

#HumanUnity #Auroville #WorldUnion More than ever we need to talk about Human Unity today. There is no other way out of the chaos that rules the world.

I hope we promote culture of science, so unfortunate recent events such as in Delhi, do not repeat. We need peace & understanding. Good to establish Universities for Peace, like the UN Univ in Costa Rica We can begin with Auroville to promote understanding among communities.

[we are striving for in Sri Aurobindo's Ashram, on a very small scale, ... we hope we may one day be able to present to the world as a practical and effective way to emerge from the present chaos, to be born into a new life that is more harmonious and true. The Mother
Bulletin, August 1954]

Darwin's Evolution and Nietzsche's Overman backed by élan vital of Bergson had created a despotic prospect which Sri Aurobindo corrected by adding Vedic genesis. Psychologically aligning with these ideals can energise myriad forces waiting for collaborating with future Evolution.

Reimagining and Refashioning Integral Management | Tusar Nath Mohapatra | Nitte Management Review
Instead of tweeting KG level facts on Sri Aurobindo, reading the Wikipedia article on him is more profitable
More intrepid can check his Complete Works and allied resources
Those who get headache to read
Aurora Mirabilis: Sri Aurobindo takes the burden of raising the Consciousness
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#SavitriEra of those who adore,
Om #SriAurobindo & #TheMother

The area from Ganga to Godavari constitutes a single cultural heritage but three different States and three major languages have brought some sharp divisions. Yet a lot many cultural overlapping are conspicuous. #PrachiValley indicates a much older civilisation to rewrite history.

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