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We need to talk about Human Unity

Sri Aurobindo on Internationalism as an Idea

Prana and the Sun of Knowledge

3/This research has led to efforts to integrate everything into one complete map--from James Baldwin, Sri Aurobindo, Maslow, Clare Graves (Spiral Dynamics) etc. Ken Wilber's is the most recent & most complete, accounting for all theirs w refinements. Thus, why his work is so imp.

#Aurobindo: Nietzsche fue un apóstol que nunca entendió enteramente su propio mensaje. Su estilo profético era como el de los oráculos de Delfos, que convertían la verdad en mentira para satisfacer a sus oyentes y creyentes.

"Psychiater C. G. Jung entwickelte ein psychologisches Modell der Individuation. Der  Philosoph Sri Aurobindo hinterließ eine integrale Synthese des Yoga. In beiden Fällen handelt es sich um einen lebenslangen Prozess nach dem Prinzip »Werde, der Du bist«.

New book by my cousin Seth. “Buddhism and Human Flourishing: A Modern Western Perspective”

The Buddhist sociologist David Loy refers to this "National-Ego" as "Wego" -- it's still within the orbit of narcissistic mind.

Find out how the 13th-century Chinese historian Ma-Duanlin mixed fact and fiction in his perception of Byzantium in a new blog post from the MI research blog.

Also pressurize elected representatives who claim to be from a "Hindu" party. Dont allow feckless Modi to have a majjaa ni life with Bollywood celebrities, palatial living & foreign jaunts while Hindus are being butchered in his backyard.
Wake up. He is running a secular socialist govt for last 6 with Hindu votes. Time is running out for Hindus. U cannot afford the blind worship of leaders like Gandhi, Nehru & Modi who outwardly fake Hinduism while serving anti-Hindu secularism & socialism.
Superb. This is what Hindu Rashtra-vadis have been saying for 5 years now since Modi's betrayal became obvious.
They are correcting it but India's "Hindu" leaders are themselves doing nothing & sucking up to the anti-Hindu pro-Islamic "secularist" Hindu-haters. How far can diaspora succeed? Sanghi confusion has disabled them all.

For some strange reason, the democratic progressive west tends to side with Islamists even when they are wrong & bashes Hindus even when they are clueless victims of Islamic violence & terror. The Indian (Hindu) diaspora have been unable to correct this narrative bias
Wish those Indian tycoons who have donated huge sums to Yale & Harvard had instead used the money to set up an alternative ecosystem..

Never heard anyone hit the nail harder than this person. Advocate    @jsaideepak destroys the logic of secularism when practised at religious places . Please hear this

The conditions of life (and law) in Late Modernity/"New Normal" often place people in a double-bind (Ed Snowden just one example). Cognitive dissonance is a consequence for those who try to "adapt", but can also ignite the social volcano.
The double-bind condition was also characteristic of the late stages of the USSR  and was described as "hypernormalisation" (just another way of saying "new normal"). It's a symptom of civilisational disintegration and decay.

Although the work of Karl Marx continues to cast an enormous influence on debates concerning the nature of capitalism, one of the least theorised dimensions of his body of thought is his conception of the society that must supplant capitalism.

I would suggest a book that’s called “the little book of calm” by Paul Wilson. It has great advices I have read from any self help book so far. It will take maximum of 30 mins to finish reading. Most efficient book ever! Highly recommend.

#HumanUnity #Auroville #WorldUnion More than ever we need to talk about Human Unity today. There is no other way out of the chaos that rules the world.

I hope we promote culture of science, so unfortunate recent events such as in Delhi, do not repeat. We need peace & understanding. Good to establish Universities for Peace, like the UN Univ in Costa Rica We can begin with Auroville to promote understanding among communities.

[we are striving for in Sri Aurobindo's Ashram, on a very small scale, ... we hope we may one day be able to present to the world as a practical and effective way to emerge from the present chaos, to be born into a new life that is more harmonious and true. The Mother
Bulletin, August 1954]

Darwin's Evolution and Nietzsche's Overman backed by élan vital of Bergson had created a despotic prospect which Sri Aurobindo corrected by adding Vedic genesis. Psychologically aligning with these ideals can energise myriad forces waiting for collaborating with future Evolution.

Reimagining and Refashioning Integral Management | Tusar Nath Mohapatra | Nitte Management Review
Instead of tweeting KG level facts on Sri Aurobindo, reading the Wikipedia article on him is more profitable
More intrepid can check his Complete Works and allied resources
Those who get headache to read
Aurora Mirabilis: Sri Aurobindo takes the burden of raising the Consciousness
Posted by @NathTusar
#SavitriEra of those who adore,
Om #SriAurobindo & #TheMother

The area from Ganga to Godavari constitutes a single cultural heritage but three different States and three major languages have brought some sharp divisions. Yet a lot many cultural overlapping are conspicuous. #PrachiValley indicates a much older civilisation to rewrite history.

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Nihilism also implies indomitable hope for humanity

[Congratulations, my dear Prithwin. We are proud of you. When you come for the award to Delhi, do come and stay with us at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Delhi Branch. Old memories of our childhood are crowding my mind. Hope to see you soon. ~Tara Jauhar]

Plain & Simple: Here's a chance just at a glance
[Dear Manojda, congratulations from the bottom of my heart. We are so proud of you. I'm sure this is not the last of your laurels. May be you will go into the Guinness book for number of awards. Tara Jauhar]

Aurora Mirabilis: Books have the power to transport us to faraway worlds
The luminous heart of unknown
Tusar Nath Mohapatra @NathTusar Director, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF), Shipra Riviera, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad - 96500-65636

Savitri Era Learning Forum: Socratic irony, Galileo's error, and Gargi's silence
If you harbour even an iota of desire to understand #TheMother & #SriAurobindo, here's a chance just at a glance by @NathTusar

by Sharad Rajimwale
When we notice that an attempt is being made these days by certain dour, orthodox forces, imagining themselves in the role of the exclusive voice of Hindu culture and religion, to enforce a uniform, homogenizing interpretation of it and using it as a clout to browbeat ‘others’, it is natural to feel that a macabre distortion is being introduced somewhere in manufac-turing this line of thinking and peddling it as the soul of Hindu way of life. Not only, one feels, is truth being made subservient to the campaign of promoting preposterous notions and ideologies, but the true essence of the develop-ment of Hindu philosophy as fundamentally a respecter of diversity is being cruelly neglected or overlooked, or just cudgeled into silence. In cluttering together the ritualistic noise, glitter of iconic trinkets, holy cow and holy Ganges feelings, and  hoodlums to sainthood as steps towards building a Hindu India, a clamorous crowd of unthinking fanatics and one dimensional ideas is being mobilized to kill the liberal-democratic ways of apprehending realities, as well as the very broad spirit of catholicity that went into shaping Hinduism from the early days.
Hinduism Respects Diversity - Mainstream Weekly

Here is a detailed review of the book 'Galileo's Error' by Philip Goff @Philip_Goff Whether you agree with the author or not this book is important for those interested in consciousness studies and philosophy. via @swarajyamag

The new emphasis on the primacy of listening and speaking over thinking is reflected, also, in works like J. Samuel Bois’ The Art of Awareness, or Borisoff and Purdy’s Listening in Everyday Life. The former is influenced by Alfred Korzybski’s General Semantics and the latter largey by Jean Gebser’s cultural philosophy. We should also point out physicist David Bohm’s interest in and promotion of Bohmian dialogue as the implementation of his rheomode of thinking to social practice. This is not without significance for the kinds of developments that are arising in the midst of the chaos of the “new normal”.
After all, looking for the signal in the noise begins with effective listening.
Rosenstock-Huessy’s grammatical method is, as much as anything, a philosophy of listening as much as speech and speaking, and opening the “doors of perception”, as Blake called it, as much involves the ear as it does the eye. “Those with ears to hear let them hear…” attests to the fact that real listening is more than simply hearing and that the imparting of vital truth comes first via the ear rather than the eye. 
Robopaths | The Chrysalis

Nihilism and Nietzsche Interpretation

Not many philosophers have suffered the abuse and misuse of their doctrines as Nietzsche. He knew it was his fate to be so misused and abused, and that his own Lehre, as it were, would also be sucked into the vortex of his expected “two centuries of nihilism”. “All higher values devalue themselves” — Nietzsche’s concise formula for nihilism — has been nowhere more apparent than in Nietzsche interpretation itself, or in what some describe as “vulgar Nietzscheanism”.
Continue reading 

I still think there is value in understanding where Nietzsche himself probably gained his understanding. He witnessed the Russian movement that identified as Nihilists, as a way of embracing what, in post-revolutionary Europe, had been a slur fundamentalist Christians threw at non-believers and those who deviated in their beliefs.
The implication was that such people did not believe anything at all, but the reality was that many of the targets of this slur were simply radical skeptics, questioning received wisdom in general. In its original meaning, Nietzsche also was a nihilist, specifically in his criticism of Christianity. That is the thing about nihilism, it is simply the other side of radical doubt and questioning.
Understanding this deeper meaning of nihilism gives us much insight about modernity. There was always two sides (or maybe multiple sides) to nihilism. It was highly critical and despairing of modernity, and yet implied within it was a sense of indomitable hope for humanity, that humans had within them immense potential even answers to our problems elude us.
By the way, I’m reminded of Nietzsche’s view on the bundled self. Before him, David Hume had argued for this same position, probably something he learned from missionaries bringing back Buddhist ideas. Many thinkers, such as Julian Jaynes, have made similar arguments since. But it stands out to me that this is an area of Nietzschean thought that receives little attention, maybe because it is so threatening to our modern identity.
Much of Nietzsche’s understands are still too radical, what many conservative and reactionary Christians to this day would consider nihilistic.

The Gods and the Titans Strive for Control of the Human Psychology
The battle of the gods and the Titans is an allegory of the inner struggle between the impulses driven by ego, and the aspiration of the higher self seeking to attain knowledge and realisation. The actions of each individual are governed by the predominance and balance of the three gunas, or qualities of Nature.  Those with a predominant sattwic nature, focused on peace, harmony, compassion, seeking for knowledge and devoted to truth, are carrying out the action of the gods, focusing on the growth of the higher principles of action, and reducing the impact of the ego-nature’s seeking for satisfaction of its desires.  Those with a predominant rajasic nature tend to try to aggrandize themselves at the expense of others, want to satisfy the urgings of their lower desires and do not care about truth in their attempt to gain a victory for their egoistic pursuits.
In today’s world, where ancient knowledge is so critically needed to address the challenges of modern-day life, we now have an opportunity to truly appreciate and apply “the secret of the Veda” as developed in the Upanishads.
The Esoteric Sense of the Ashwamedha, the Horse Sacrifice

The meta-psychogy of Reason --An Aurobindonian perspective
The hard question is how did that element of doubt creep into his system, leading to a ‘synthetic reinterpretation’ and reappraisal of his perceptual information? Was it instinct? Was it some sort of intuition?
It may be argued that ‘reason’ itself supplied that doubt. Of course, it is the function of reason to argue and doubt. That is how man has been able to rise above superstitions, dogmas and stereotypes. But by the time reason had developed to an optimal level as a universal faculty, man was already flooded with a multitude of perceptual inputs. Reason therefore needed some intrinsic guidance to select those perceptions that required correction or revaluation. This pre-programmed guidance must have been instinctive or intuitive. To understand this phenomenon, we need to appreciate the meta-psychology of reason.
Sri Aurobindo is optimistic and points out that “present potentiality is a clue to future realisation (11).” He is confident that the scope of the present levels of human experience (viz. sensory perception and reason) can be extended for conceptualising and willing an anterior potentiality. This can only be possible by an expansion of the faculties of knowledge. That expansion necessitates a surpassing of reason and harnessing hitherto untapped suprarational faculties. These suprarational faculties have been sporadically available to exceptional individuals scattered in space and time. But Sri Aurobindo previsions their emergence as a more generalised, universal experience. He works out this concept in The Life Divine and traces an evolution of consciousness through cognitive matrices that progressively moves towards a global cognition that includes both the oneness and the multiplicity and finally culminates in the integral cognition of the Supermind where the Whole is present at every point and at every point, one can cognise the Whole.

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What isn't considered a social construct?

Assorted tweets collated by @NathTusar Director, #SavitriEra Learning Forum (SELF since 2005) #SriAurobindo #FiveDreams

LAST REMINDER for September Online Courses - contact
Online Courses this September - Bhagawad Gita | Sanskrit | Psychology of Human Development | Consciousness & Social Evolution | Wellness Coaching -
I do not give Facebook or any entities associated with Facebook permission to use my pictures, information, messages or posts, both past and future. With this statement, I give notice to Facebook it is strictly...

11.6) The life of Dyuman da as indicated above shows the kind of enthusiasm one can have for the Divine work..
The Mother gave the significance of 'Enthusiasm in Action' to the 'Petunia X Hybrida' flower (type - bicoloured, single)
(Image from -

A must read by all Indians. Read how history was deliberately distorted to suit the narrative of the Nehru and Gandhi family. An eye opener for sure. Interesting biography of Veer Savarkar...... @vikramsampath

#GunIsland #AmitavGhosh #climatechange I read Gun Island in 24 hours. And it is spooky how the amazon forest burning seems to be straight out of this book. I liked the occult dimension of this neatly woven story.

"there is nothing secret about the green movement’s totalitarian masterplan for anyone prepared to do a little background reading."

Gender is a social construct. Sex is a social construct. Biology is a social construct... I'm beginning to see a pattern here. In this bizarre ideology, what *isn't* considered a social construct?

Child marriage is one of the worst human rights violations. My piece on how child brides in Pakistan continue to be defended by conservatives and legislation to raise the marriageable age to 18 is rejected.

Someone thought that a Marathi song, sung by a Punjabi singer would be perfect for a story that takes place in Uttar Pradesh

My column for @htTweets this week.. the importance of being @arunjaitley and what the ‘new’ BJP could learn from him..

I am amused to see anxious Khan Market types heap praise on the ‘gentler’ Vajpayee-Advani era of the BJP. In the 1990s, this lot didn’t even want to be in the same room as those of us who were pro-temple. Those who claim victimhood today were part of that secularist lynch mob.

2024 these guys will begin calling modi the softest PM in the history... after mota bhai takes over who will be coined as butcher

‘Pariah’ on Nationalist Narratives: Self-imploding Congress?

The #UPA pigs had declared Rama as mythical and then went for an agitation when the BJP government gave Bharat Ratnas to ABV and MM Malviya both born on 25th Dec.
They were aghast that Virgin born, holey spirit impregnated jesus was being relegated
Jesus nuts are not scientific
Hindus have maintained through the centuries that Ram Setu was built by Rama. Don't need validation from Abrahamic nuts or their local progeny. Just #STFU.

Expecting justice for Hindus, specially Hindu women, in an Islamic Republic is like animals expecting compassion in a butchery. Be safe.

So true. Why did Indian industry so proudly sell Indian techies as labor while US firms got the benefit of owning the products? Microsoft as an example has market cap of $1 trillion using Indian brains.

This is the depth to which India has fallen that Islamic republic of Pakistan can indeed give us lessons in secularism. And communist China can indeed give us plenty of lessons in allowing democratic protests and maintaining rule of law.

This month we are talking about pleasure, bodies, sexual violence against children and many of their intersection. 
To create a safe and pleasure-positive environment for children we need to give the right and age-appropriate information. 
Let's raise #PleasurePositiveKids

Old men calling young girls in the evening at 7:30-8pm to coffee shops for job interviews, should not be allowed by companies. Recruitment is an office work. Shd be done in office hours at office, preferably.

the obsession of the @swapan55 types with people they claim are 'inconsequential' stems from this truth - no amount of power changes the fact they were intellectually shallow then, are intellectually shallow now. they can try and silence this claim, but it rings within them.

Not endorsing "swarajya..." (+partyBiz & low-castes majority interests & "RW truth" politics), but thought to share this simply to point out the majority-minority politics, & especially, facilitating the foreign contaminants via "Indian constitution". etc.

"I do hold a conservative political, scholarly & academic position, which is no crime & a legitimate stand to take." - my interview for @DeccanChronicle on Savarkar and more. 
 @PenguinIndia @premanka @PreetiMarketINK

Chandrachud is an ignorant colonial dhimmi. Never mind that his logic is all flawed. He is using philosophical concepts for ritualistic worship and congregation. By his logic, Allah is formless so Muslims shouldn't need any mosques at all. Media should ridicule such dimwits.
This duffer should be removed from judiciary altogether. He isn't qualified to sit in the chair. Only after he goes through a full course on Indian culture, values, way of life, philosophy, literature for 4 years, he can be made a district Court judge.

China: A New World Order review – are we conniving with a genocidal dictatorship? | Television & radio | The Guardian

So Missionaries of Charity (Mother Teresa fame) are not the only ones that do child trafficking. It runs in all Missions?

@_YogendraYadav @JP_LOKSATTA @anandpeeps 
“The quality of democracy” is dangerously low when the Constitution does NOT guarantee fundamental rights of the individual to be superior to group or collective rights.
The quality of democracy is deeply linked to the quality of journalism in a country. Keep up with the latest news related to Indian politics and its impact on policy & governance with Moushumi Das Gupta @dgupta_moushumi on ThePrint.

No amount of Prime Minister's speech from the ramparts of Lal Quila can remove rampant rural poverty and deprivation. Sovereignty to the States is the only way to ensure last mile Democracy and Development. Parliament must abolish Central govt to turn itself to #BharataFederation

Script plagiarized from @radhabharadwaj (case is in court) and deliberately “secularized” (read @nkgrock’s review)

Years ago googling for Dharmic support 2 gay rights, came across an article by @devduttmyth ; loved it. Should have left at that. Unfortunate I started reading him and found that the guy is pretentious, mostly peddles ignorance for perspective with an eye on market.
A familiar cycle. One starts with Tapas-hard work, talent, sincerity. Then deviates; seeks ego-boosts. And goes the Asuric way. Asuras have boons-strong ones. But only those who are Dharmic, even lacking the Asuric boons, have Arul. The @devduttmyth fall-a caution for us all.

I respect you both. Each person has his chosen intellectual trajectory, spiritual destiny, and Evolutionary assignment. Truth is a severely contested domain in the 21st century due to uncertainty of science and it's a catch 22 situation. So, let not there be bar on perspectives.
the Orchid and the rOse: Inner meanings of Veda and its application in daily life
Assorted tweets collated by @NathTusar Director, #SavitriEra Learning Forum (SELF) #SriAurobindo #FiveDreams

No it’s not. He quotes King Lear. He says the best of humanity is capable of amazing things but the worst of behaviour too, and that cruelty will prevail. But there is always the beautiful game. Easy #Cantona

I had this thought during my recent visit to India. The inner heart of most Indian villages are polluted today, because motorized transport runs right in the middle.
Imagine we make this central road as pedestrian only, allowing only bicycles and carts drawn by oxen.
When we thus ban motorized transport on the central road in a village, we will reclaim the space for village life and banter. I am lucky to have grown up in a village when such things still existed. Now that is barely seen due to the cars and motorbikes blaring through the road.

Transhumanist technologies can enable shortcuts to the various destinations of natural evolution. How will humanity be altered? Ganesh Chakravarthi @craynonymous explores how humans have started adopting such technologies in this essay.

Modernity came to India unfortunately through colonisation rather than national choice - which explains why decolonisation takes the form of a hopeless atavism rather than the growth of a native discourse of modernity.

You need to meet people who are in jail because of fake domestic violence cases or those men who are constantly living under threat from their spouces... Families are breaking, sons are being forces to abandon their parents and families and many commit suicide..

"The bigger picture... was the way in which the Cambridge Analytica story opened a window onto a new constellation of international billionaires, corrupt politicians, and war profiteers who were apparently amassing enormous power."
+ This: "The free-market dream of being liberated from government authority, once an article of faith for the billionaire class, has turned into the oligarchs’ dream of coopting, or even usurping, government authority in pursuit of profit."

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Ram Swarup gave the spiritual and philosophical basis

Assorted tweets:

["I use half a bucket of water for taking bath during summer and ask other family members to follow," chief minister Sheila Dikshit said on Thursday,]
Serve only Half a Glass of Water First to UP MLA's in UP Assembly: Speaker. #JanShakti4JalShakti #JalShaktiAbhiyan #UttarPradesh

That's not his claim to fame🙂 #OmShivPuri ji was a theatre legend and first head of  #NSDRepertory, the professional wing of #NSD. Acted in & directed a number of legendary plays with his wife #SudhaShivpuri ji, such as #AdheAdhure, #KhamoshAdalatJariHai & #Tughlaq @apurvnagpal

ICYMI: The best books on Friendship, recommended by Lauren Mechling

“Window details are much more a result of a decision based upon building regulation and concern for the spread of fire than they are the result of an isolated artistic aesthetic decision.”
“Neil Armstrong is as significant as the first semi-amphibious fish that slithered out from the ocean and onto dry land”

It's #InternationalChessDay so here are the best books on Chess. "Chess does correspond, in some ways, to what we see in art ­– it does have a kind of beauty.”

800 yrs ago Swami Vedanta Desika composed a poem of 64 aksharas (letters), which was laid one each on each square of the #Chess board. Each time horse moved on #Chess board, those aksharas resulted in a new poem. This sort of poetry writing was known as Chithra Bhandhana

Once u get the book, keep it under a red or yellow cloth cover, such clothes are available in puja shops, like this I am using. And keep the book in ur puja room.don't try to decipher it with intellect, read the flow of words keeping mind as silent observer, u will hear sanskrit.
Red attracts the human consciousness and helps it focus on the object, yellow is the gross hue of the subtle jyoti from anandamaya kosha.

'Veda Kiranna' was initiated in March 2019 to spread benefits of mantra chanting at homes. This provides opportunities for learned vidwans to recollect, chant mantras, earn living, as well encourage young minds at houses to opt Veda as a career option. SAKSHI offers this for free

I never said poetry would be without  metaphor always.  But there may be bare poetry sometimes. Metaphor is not a must in Vyasa. Sri Aurobindo calls the bare metaphorless style in poets  "bare Vyasian". Wordsworth's early poetry has this bareness, which SA rates  very high.
Metaphor is a must. Both in prose n poetry. Some writers like Nolini Kanta Gupta use it sparingly. Cool, colourless bare Nolini Kanta! That is also an art. Rare in literature. Valmiki uses images profusely. Both Vyasa n Valmiki are great poets. 2 different types. "Vyasa is the most masculine of writers". Sri Aurobindo

There are gradations of inspirations, Master spoke of influence of various planes upon mind..each comes with it characteristic signature..but it seems when one touches borders of Shruti, again of many levels, all bets are off as to what construct it might or might not use..
By construct I mean metaphors or allusions or anything else..the Shruti is manifestation of an yet unmanifested aspect of Truth and as such it uses materials of language available but also invents its own structures that are better suitable for its expression...
I remember a comment by Master in response to a query about language of the Supramental..His response and i paraphrase..’you won’t have even the illusion of understanding if I used the Supramental language’ one can imagine consequences..
Take the SaptaChatusthaya..just seven tetrads..such brief lines..and yet the whole Record of Yoga is a parsing of its sense, practise, unfolding and effective manifestation...this is, bare and pregnant with the future realisation to be and with power to manifest it
And first sections of Savitri..where Master begins at the very beginning of this all...remember the line around cloak slipping from a reclining to classify this?! I believe the Shruti chooses its expression..and our disposition to slot it is of little relevance to it

Young Politicians & Political Observers join in the Discussions on "Future of Nationalists & Liberals in India" in Session II of #YTM2019 with Shri @PandaJay & @Tejasvi_Surya. The Session is Chaired by Shri @rammadhavbjp.

We delve into past as its present in the future. Bose challenged the Gandhian trusteeship & political funding model, yet got national following from outside the "preferred" region:  this precedence is the continuing threat driving his bashers still today.

Special farewell tribute to Sri Ram Swarup and summary of his teachings by @HinduismToday from April 1999, a few months after his passing.

For those studying the works of Sita Ram Goel, note also the books of his guru Sri Ram Swarup who gave the spiritual and philosophical basis for his teachings going back to the Vedas.

Why entrenched wealth and social inequality matters. My take on the newest reports of still rapidly increasing inequalities and the propaganda system meant to disguise it

On the 50th anniversary of the Apollo-11 moon landing, here are five books that bring out the real, raw and honest stories of man’s tryst with moon. #Apollo50th @prakharkgupta

It's very, very tempting to believe in God and unburden all one's troubles and responsibilities on Him. But that would be a betrayal of one's own logical thinking and scientific spirit

Nothing makes my heart happier than divorce rates going up. Women aren’t here to take your shit. Behave or fucking be left. Hallelujah.
Men are pressed Talk to me when men don’t beat and rape their wives, when men stop taking their financial autonomy away, when they stop treating them like breeding machines, when they are not relegated to house chores and taking care of kids and elders. Until then, yay divorce
Read these tweets aloud to students for my Gender Studies lecture today  and the responses to it by men and it helped them understand why men are so trash. Thanks guys.

I'm always in support of women growth & respect they should get but someone need to teach you that divorce rate going high isn't women empowerment, there are legit hundreds of reasons for divorces where you can't blame men. Instead of helping women grow you're brainwashing them.

The fairer sex is also the dumber sex when it comes to matters of heart. Ladies, fall in love all you want. Trust madly. But do verify, keep your eyes open at all times and  don't sweep red flags under the carpet.

Slightly disagree. Women are generally rational when it comes to choices since the costs of a mistake are higher. But , they need wise counsel , especially of their own mothers  during crucial years.

In Playing the Whore, sex workers' demands, too long relegated to the margins, take center stage: sex work is work, and sex workers' rights are human rights. PLAYING THE WHORE by @melissagira is now 40% off as part of our Jacobin sale.

I don't know exactly why the villagers were booked, but by handing Ansari to police, they most likely prevented some rapes
This important report by Down To earth cites several studies co-relating bestiality and sexual assaults on humans

...Like an American study that apparently found that 96% of offenders who had engaged in bestiality also admitted to committing sexual assaults on humans
Do you know that Ameerul Islam, accused in 2016 Jisha murder case, was accused of raping and killing dogs and goats before?

Supporting women of color and fighting against racism isn’t leftward. It’s basic humanity.
If there’s something worth fighting for in American values it’s this - dignity, respect, and equal opportunities for all.

You can never be too old to read fairy tales; it often takes the simplicity of a story meant for children to remind us of what’s really important in life, writes MARGUERITE THEOPHIL #STArchives

Did you know that traditionally, tawaifs would celebrate the birth of a daughter in their homes (kothas) by singing, dancing & throwing a ‘biriyani’ feast, but when a son was born, the mood was opposite; the child would be left unattended on a छज्जा (balcony) hoping it’d die 1/2

In most of our minds, a tawaif is a prostitute - that’s how badly informed we are & we continue to live with the prejudices that go with it.
‘Tawaifnama’ by Saba Dewan is an exhaustively researched account of tawaifs, their lives & community. @ContextIndia @WestlandBooks

"Sociologist Ghanshyam Shah sees the developments stemming from Sanskritization of OBC"

You are not born with Aastha, you develop it by experiences; going to temples is one such experience...... reading is another. There is no barometer or scale for measuring Aastha. Bhagwan has not yet appointed anyone to measure it first to allow entry into temples.....

This is how the now famous Ganga Aarti in Benaras was started some time in 80 s. Till then Ganga Arti was done only in Haridwar. It's proved to be great  promoter, not of religious piety but tourism and political agendas. Watch this space.

We are seeing the RSS version of `Hindu rashtra' in play already. And we see how it has nothing to do with Hinduism.
Did the love of Bengal detract from the nationalism of Subhas-babu? Or was the nationalism of Subhas-babu a product of his love of Bengal? @sarkar_swati @dikgaj and I investigate whether the love of a nation is reduced by the love of one's home region?

But I am saying you will learn from your failures. If you want to win in life then first get the courage to fail early and often. The Sri Aurobindo School in Pondicherry offers no grades no exams. That's the one I am aiming for for the twins. I am sure they will curse me for it.

In this week's issue of Collidoscope, I looked at recent research on collective bargaining and how it functions in different parts of the world via @thewire_in

Epic. With such logic, there shouldn't be any objection to conversions. Gels well with the approach of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. Individuals should be free to handle their own religious experiences or spiritual evolution.
How Sri Aurobindo delineates the qualities of Dakshina or Daksha in The Secret of the Veda is very useful to understand this difference between left and right. Besides, he writes on Rta or the right.
The Secret of the Veda by Sri Aurobindo is the only guide for authentic interpretation of various names of deities which are in fact cosmic powers and principles without any connection with later day mythological portrayals as well as depiction as idols, sculptures, or paintings.
Sri Aurobindo introduces the concept of the logic of the Infinite to examine problems like this. The Life Divine is basically meant for resolving all sorts of questions and conundrums relating to our existence in this world in consonance with science. Surely an indispensable read
The whole of east has been a philosophical melting pot from the ancient times. #PrachiValley
Thanks for excellent presentation. A trivia: First Odia ICS Officer, Nilamani Senapati belongs to the Garedi Panchana village. He and Bhingarpur Choudhury family are within our circle of relatives. Our caste is Mastan (perhaps Mahasthan) Brahmins who don't perform puja (Bhumihar)
I'm from Sailo Jharapada village, 12 KM away. There are several villages with Sailo prefix/suffix like Barasailo indicating 12. Read somewhere about Sailo kingdom. It may be Shaila or so. Any idea? @OdiaCulture
the Orchid and the rOse: Śāntideva, Vyasatirtha, and Hemachandra @NathTusar, Director, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF), Shipra Riviera, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad - 201014 #FiveDreams #WorldUnion
Savitri Era of those who adore,
Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

It's a wrong move to punish Peter Heehs

Assorted tweets:

A unique Study Camp on the Gita   
Check the link below for details:
 Here one will learn:  
-every verse of the Gita with word by word analysis  
-simple and clear chanting of the entire Gita  
-the deeper meanings of the key words of the Gita

51) Hymns 329 - 333 (Verses 3,431 - 3,478): Description of Rig-Veda, Mandala 04, Sukta 033 to 037 (all hymns addressed to Ribhus); with #SriAurobindo's words on the true psychological significance of Agni

The Master said, "The gentleman cherishes virtue; the small man cherishes land. The gentleman cherishes institutions; the small man cherishes favours." (An. 4.11)

Most people do not really want freedom, because freedom involves responsibility, and most people are frightened of responsibility.-Freud
People will often say "I'm tired" when they're actually just depressed and upset.
Psychology says, depression is often the result of over thinking, our minds create problems that initially didn't exist.
Psychology claims that over thinking can cause the mind to experience "emotional hangovers" which leads to depression.
Before sleeping, 90% of your mind begins to imagine stuff you'd like to happen
The human body is better suited for 2 four-hour sleep cycles instead on 1 eight-hour session.
The best feeling comes when you realize that you're perfectly happy without the people you thought you needed most.
Hugging or holding hands with someone special can instantly reduce stress.
People think being alone makes you LONELY but being surrounded by the wrong people is the loneliest thing in the world.

Begun @sapinker's latest book, "Enlightenment Now: The Case For Reason, Science, Humanism & Progress"
"Reason is non-negotiable... "
I had enjoyed his last bestseller, "The Better Angels of our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined." Looking forward to this one...

It is a wonderful book! You'll love it. Also check out Jonathan Haidt's latest book The Coddling of the American mind.

Hindus must read Ronald Inden.
There is way too much quoting of colonial era scholars in H articles today and a complete lack of engagement with modern scholarship.

there is no divine inspiration here: the computer will fail. ramanujan got his insights from his goddess in dreams, he acknowledged when someone asked him how he came up with his staggering and beautiful equations

"The fierce self-idolatry of nation-worship is now all-consuming, and it risks killing the very thing it claims to protect — the soul of Hindu dharma and culture." @MrSamratX, clear-headed about what these things called nationalism and Hindutva are doing.

We hired the author of 'Black Hawk Down' and an illustrator from 'Archer' to adapt the Mueller report so you'll actually read it via @thisisinsider

This sin of nuns is imposed on our Devadasi system and banned it. Funny thing is Indian society accepts nuns as virtuous but self-flagellate at Devadasi system. In fact, Devadasi system is very empowering to women and Dharmic feminism.

Devadasi system is for women who prefer to pursue arts & sciences without family responsibilities while enjoying marital indulgence.Many traditional Devadasis came from well endowed Brahmin and Kshatriya families.
Reference:Autobiography of a Devadasi by Bangalore Naga Ratnamma.

Bindu Rao was also fortunate to have got a good set of students under his tutelage. One of the first among those students was Smt. Shakuntalabai Panduranga Rao, who still mesmerises audience through her kāvya-vācana.
S G Bindu Rao (Part 2)

Reading Sri Aurobindo even a little gives us a great force. One should know how to digest it. The way to the top is long; the way to the understanding of  his texts is also not short. A cool receptivity is needed at every step as also a patient ear to those walking alongside.
In dat case I find these adjectives applicable to men too. D Human Vital-- as per the integral psychology of Sri Aurobindo- is not gender specific. Maybe men r   upset  to find his own self mirrored in the women speaking out with his own idiom now- a violence echoing violence!
It's a wrong move to "punish" Peter. Stark evil, no doubt. But y make him an epic hero  by trying to deport him? He tempts us to attack him. Coz he wants  publicity by his nuisance value! He wants to make money by selling his "great" book! Let him make money! No problem.
I know Peter hates me the most. Because I didn't react to his poisonous words on Sri Aurobindo. I simply say he has no training in literature n therefore he is a ridiculous nonsense when he comments on Sri Aurobindo's literature n poetry!

All evil is essentially unoriginal in being often pulled irresistibly to the Divine. Manifests differently. Some bully, some besmirch.. its a helpless rage of hostile microbes facing inhibiting should think less and less of the bacterial pathogens & so be disease-free.

Your tweets seem to be a bit uncharitable. Your article may have highlighted some miseries but that's not the whole story. There are many persons who are well acquainted with Ashram history. However, past sufferings should not diminish the relevance of Sri Aurobindo's philosophy.
Following the party line is the duty of the cadre and not pointing out mistakes of the leader.
That's okay. Then, who decides what's right or wrong for a party? It's subjective for citizens but strategic for the party. What step a party takes in its self-interest has its own validity. How can a supporter be more loyal than the king?
There is no perfect model for a party or Democracy: practices till now are as per convenience. Principles are surrendered at the altar of self-interest. People often enter conspiracy of silence for the sake of future careers. Those who speak out, generally lose; land in oblivion.
Any scope of appreciating the fact that what the PM is doing or not doing now is in greater interest of the nation? Weren't past promises for garnering support but may not be really practicable? Why can't the leader be allowed to evolve in his chair in the light of wider horizon?
Indian culture and languages are on the upswing but no one demands freedom from the colonial practice of medicine names in Latin. Why basic Medicine shouldn't be taught at the school level is another riddle. Added awareness on food and nutrition should be a priority of education.
Savitri Era Learning Forum: Latin university motto is similar to Chinese tattoo @NathTusar, Director, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF), Indirapuram, Ghaziabad (U.P.). #FiveDreams #WorldUnion
Savitri Era of those who adore,
Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Liberals are aping this close-mindedness

Assorted tweets:

Join us for the free online course on "Sri Aurobindo and his Essential thought" Click here for registration=>

The philosophy of #evolution has a special status in the integral philosophy of Sri Aurobindo. There are two aspects involved-an ‘Involution’ (a downward movement) and an ‘Evolution’ (an upward movement)

We have often objected to the “us vs. them” intolerance of right-wing ideologues. But increasingly, liberals are aping this close-mindedness to alternative views.

The liberal says 'future Indian liberalism may belong to those rooted in regional & cultural traditions & histories of India, allowing them to speak a homegrown language of faith & plurality'
Is Indian liberalism moving away from Nehru to Vivekananda?

The 12 Early Warning Signs of Fascism PROBLEM is the definition of terms; Each of the 12 apply to Communism and Lutyens

A completely new light on the established narrative of the #partition and #independence of #India #IndianHistory

The Hijacking of Indian Astronomy- II

Did Gandhi refuse to denounce the caste system?

What does the Nehru historian has to do with rocket science? 🧐
It is harder than even explaining the birth and death of stars, IMO.

From menstrual hygiene to sexual harassment a young IAS officer is trying to open conversations on lesser spoken subjects in the district of Budgam.
#ReporterDiary @ShujaUH  
More videos

A brilliant essay on sexuality &fertility from a deeper Ayurvedic perspective, summary of papers presented at a national seminar on conscious conception, pregnancy, reproductive health, Review of @nkgrock book on menstruation and lots more. Check it out!

IndicaYoga's 4 day workshop -'The world of Prana', exploring the subtle dimensions of human experience thru philosophy & practice, wid Gabi( EUY), Anuradha Choudry & Vinayachandra concludes wid insightful sharing & learning.Thanks 2 all participants. @IndicAcademy 

There has always been a Dharmic idea of India. It is neither majoritarian nor does it suffer from any phobia. It sees India as a land of myriad thoughts, customs and practices woven together by a strong cultural thread

#India can take some pride in the fact that Euler’s interest in #astronomy, and the significant output that followed, was first stoked by #IndianAstronomy, when Bayer asked for his help with the Tranquebar notes

Satasloki is one of the Prakarana-Granthas of Adi #Shankaracharya consisting a hundred and one verses teaching the highest knowledge of non-duality. Swamini Svatmavidyananda sheds light on this text in this new lecture series- #Advaita #Vedanta

Is fiction meant to be an escape from the real world, or a commentary on current affairs? The award-winning writer Liu Cixin seems to be of two minds.

1. The truth of paurANika kathas has nothing to do with literal occurrence in historical time. Sure, great bhaktas will speak as if they occurred in such a manner. That is to induce a certain rasa in oneself & others.++
2. Nowhere in dharma is the literal understanding of paurANika kathas as actual occurrences in historical time in some corner of the universe deemed as some fundamental article of faith. That is your own assumption, due to your sheer lack of reading/training.
3. By privileging the materialist definition of truth as "actual, historical occurrence", you have completely ceded the ground to your enemies. Both Xtians & their earliest opponents (the post-Enlightenment atheist freaks) were literally 2 sides of the same coin++
3'Contd: Both based their respective stances on the historical reality of the bible. The Xtians attempted to prove the accuracy of their bible by demonstrating how historical evidence matches with biblical testimony. Atheists tried to show how it did not match.++
3'Contd: Don't get sucked into the game. I am not saying that matters of historical value can't be found in our texts. Of course they can & we must do all we can to uncover our history. But we do not need "actual occurrence" to extract the truth of purANa-kathas.
The idea that historical actuality of scripture is essential in order for scriptures/traditions to have any worth/value is shared by both abrahamisms & modern atheism.
By Liam Jerrold Fraser in "The Secret Sympathy: New Atheism, Protestant Fundamentalism, and Evolution":
4. AcAryas got the importance of reading a shAstra properly. Merely saying, "Oh I easily believe all these things as they are; you dare reflect on this? You faithless intellectual" is no display of shraddhA. It is lazy thoughtlessness & vain virtue-signalling disguised as piety.+
5. When a great man from a hoary guru-parampara, who lived & taught more than a 1000 years ago, explains painstakingly why purANa stories (shiva entrancing the wives of daruka-vana sages, killing andhaka, etc) are to be understood non-literally, you can either give up or read.
12. Interpretation of texts is a very complex task. There is no single way to look at it. There is no one conclusion. "Historicity is good", "Historicity is bad", "Symbolic meaning is good for everything". There is a case by case approach for all of this.
13. We should NOT use "historicity" to undermine our shAstras/sampradAyas. We should NOT limit our definition of "truth" to "occurrence in historical time". Having said that, we can use both historical & symbolic readings to enhance our appreciation of certain matters.//End
You have never put in the hours to do the hard work. You don’t even possess a basic vocabulary of the matters on which you abuse others. You can’t even say the names of relevant works of AcAryas since all you know is a few hot-off-the-press titles written in the last 5-10 years.
Unpopular opinion: Forming opinions & arguments on Hindu theological issues should never be a democratic, free-for-all process. There should be a diversity of opinions, yes; but from a small group of intelligent people. Unfortunately, we can’t enforce that here.
Illogical stuff from itihAsa-purANas shouldn't be justified either. Maybe folks who claim tokenism for shruti - "respect and relegate" have a point after all.

If there is one feature that redeems modernity and must be that one can stumble upon @OGSaffron @GhorAngirasa @Gopanarya @Auro_Mere and so many more..who bring a certain elevation and subtlety to this medium..else all is treachery or deception, or just mundane!!
Absolutely..the essence of surrender is only act when the Divine impels and not otherwise..

Yes! I follow all of them. Exceptional. Like @BharatPronam mentions, Mohit bhai was the first person connected to Sri Aurobindo and Mother I started following. Through him many wonderful contacts. There is a certain perfection in material work that I love and admire in Mohit.

Sri Aurobindo  Sri Aurobindo represents “the completest synthesis  that has been written by Shrikanth #columns

India’s flaws create millions of jobs. The laziness of its rich, men who are protected from house chores, the need to be feudal lords, the imagination that if you put a malnourished man in a paramilitary costume he will become a 'guard'. My latest column:
Indians deeming some jobs fit only for low castes, too, provides jobs. Even monopoly over some jobs. Dalits aren't 'entrapped' by low jobs. The fact is Brahmins are more entrapped in caste-dictated jobs: Software, surgery, finance are sophisticated version of cow-skinning.

one may not concur with all stereotypes ets in the article,
but nearly total uselessness of 'security' paraphernalia based on the 'malnourished' & 'defeated' cadre is very right

"Bengal's intellect and Kerala's literacy were biggest misbelief of last century"

There is a kind of age-related cognitive decay that’s like needing reading glasses. Thoughts lose precision the way fields of view blur. You have to hold ideas at arms length to process them, but then you lose resolution and can’t process small font size (intricate logic)
Half my experience of being a writer, as far as reader responses go, is people informing me with barely concealed impatience, that I’m rediscovering in ersatz pop form something esoteric by someone they like... Baudrillard, Deleuze, Marx, Nietzsche, are popular accusations

Cyberspace reminds of Shakespeare's *The Tempest*. Same space of dreaming and the imagination -- but also mania, delirium, phantasmagoria, pandaemonium, and the sinister Caliban (or Wetigo) spirit.
Rolf Jensen's brave new world of *The Dream Society* would be inconceivable unless physical reality was assimilated by, and made subordinate to, virtual reality. That would mean loss of discernment between subject and object spaces.
That is the implication of Aurobindo's *Age of Subjectivism*.

30) Hymns 185 - 191 (Verses 1,931 - 2,006): Description of Rig-Veda, Mandala 01, Sukta 185 to 191 (including an Apri hymn)
with #SriAurobindo's words on Vedic Preservation & Prosody
(End of Mandala 01)

29) Hymns 179 - 184 (Verses 1,886 - 1,930): Description of Rig-Veda, Mandala 01, Sukta 173 to 178 (including the conversation of Agastya and Lopamudra) with #SriAurobindo's words on Vedic Preservation & Prosody

Plain & Simple: Welcome to Peter Heehs 2.0 at Sri Aurobindo Ashram Archives
Posted by @NathTusar, Director, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF), SRA-102-C, Shipra Riviera, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad - 201014 (U.P.) on July 1, 2019. #FiveDreams #WorldUnion
Fighting against fascists is no less fascist; ultimately, conflict and war are the primary modes of human behaviour. In fact, they are at the root of the whole biology. Sri Aurobindo, however, shows the Evolutionary dimensions vis-à-vis Vedic aspirations ingrained in certain acts

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Glaring gaps even in works of Ram Swarup and Sita Ram Goel.

Assorted tweets:

Could a movie about the systemic discrimination against India’s Dalits be subtle – especially when the movie is filled with justifiable anger about caste atrocities in Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Haryana, Maharashtra and elsewhere? #Article15

Most IndoEuropean tribes did not remember where their homeland was by the time they composed literature. But the ancient Zoroastrian text Vendidad give a list of 16 ancestral lands, none of which are in mainland Iran, but most of them are spread over Afghan and & the Indus Valley
An IE group which had Rig Vedic gods & spoke Sanskrit had 'nothing' to do with India! Tell me, who else in Sintahta spoke Sanskrit? Who else had peacocks on their emblems and Zebu? Oh dont know anything about the language of Sintashta! You guess and claim its science!
As with everything I say, I only intend to convey the gist of the topic in as few tweets as possible. For a proper understanding, do read 'Rig Veda: A historical analysis' by Shrikant Talageri. At the very least the chapter on the Indo-Iranian homeland.

Their argument is that oldest inscription is found there. This was the article.

Also, all these works are available at a button click online for free now, still Hindus prefer Oak and even his modern successors. It is a sign of the sheer levels of intellectual degeneration that has set in.
Savarkar, RC Mazumdar, Jadunath Sarkar, KAN Sastri, there were dozens of great H historians who did genuine, solid work much before Oak and his fakery. Don't show off your ignorance so blatantly.

I have analyzed PN Oak's books, have reviewed the evidences he offered, and admit that some appear exaggerated. Yet, probabilistically, his claim of World Vedic Civilization is far more plausible than its negation by some neo-Hindutva intellectuals.
PN Oak made single most greatest contribution to preserving roots of non-communist History in most dark era with zero support. Proved Hindu roots of most Islamic architecture. Brought out dark secrets of Muslim Sultans. Even those who bash him today live on his alms.
All other icons of RW history - Ram Swarup, Sita Ram Goel - came AFTER PN Oak. Who was there before Oak to challenge communists? Even I differ with Oak on many things. But still he is a hero because in Data Science, trends matter not individual data point.
There are glaring gaps even in works of Ram Swarup and Sita Ram Goel. Modern RW historians are more of apologists who specialize in twigs than having ability to understand trends.
The World Vedic view is not unique imagination of PN Oak. I can understand Koenraad Elst have ego issues with it because he perhaps believes himself to be an outsider giving gyan/ help to Sanatanis. Maybe those with inferiority complex need his services, definitely not me.

This highlights the qualities thought as great in a leader. Sadly, it isnt true, but quite the opposite. These qualities Modi possesses & we can see the mistrust, non-cooperation, colossal mistakes, cover up, propaganda. India is sliding downhill rapidly.

This kind of senseless, idiotic and brainless schemes from this government is making me feel ashamed for voting for this government. Mr.Modi, earlier you were against freebies and now you are coming up with one or other freebie everyday. Just introspect where are you heading.

"Clubbing a courtesan with a mahatma may not immediately be understood or approved of by some. But that is precisely where the courtesan belongs, for, in the larger scheme of things and the big picture of our civilization, her role is no less significant.."  #mustread

In addition to my usual column, I have this little essay in Mint today on looking at history not through the eyes of "great heroes" and events always, but through women--courtesans, goddesses and their legends, and more.

The slow disappearance of independent editors from Indian media

idea of foreign correspondents who can't speak any of the local languages, need fixers is dying , today much of readable work on india (or any other region) in the US/UK media etc is by indians (local residents) writing there, not by their correspondents.

A must-read piece on the downward slide of Indian pluralism:

Tolerance never existed in Christianism or Islam. Indian secularism was designed to fool people into thinking that those who tolerate other religions will be repaid with a equal and opposite tolerance of your beliefs. This was always a lie.

"Judgment has always been fundamental to human society. The digital age has simply extended and intensified its application."
Book #Review 2: Alexander Hooke on Ziyad Marar's Judged -

Tribute to the Father of the Modern Statistics in India on National Statistics Day:
@drharshvardhan #NationalStatisticsDay @milindarolkar #Mahalanobis

Science has enabled us to disbelieve most of its findings and no firm assurance is available on how life and the world operates. All philosophical propositions similarly can be questioned. Religions are glorified superstitions. Sri Aurobindo, therefore, is the only reliable voice

Educated Indians are under the spell of celebrity culture, thanks to Bollywood and Cricket. Mythology perpetuates a feudal environment and politics runs accordingly. Individuality and rationality must come to fore; Savitri Era Party is confident of ushering in such an atmosphere.

Democracy is basically about choosing persons of better capability from among the masses. But elected representatives are turning out to be fundamentalists or ignorant. Awareness of Sri Aurobindo's philosophy should be a minimum criteria in order to establish a liberal atmosphere

Intellectuals are unable to think in terms of fundamental changes and wrestle with minor reforms or improvements. Evolutionary inevitability announced by Sri Aurobindo gives us the assurance that drastic changes can take place at any moment even without adequate prior arrangement

People of India must reject impositions done by the colonial regime. Each language claiming its inherent nationhood like the European countries is a basic need. Forming a loose federation of India should be a priority for all instead of Hindu, Muslim, or Backward castes activism.

Marketime: Allegiance to the constitution concept is flawed
Posted by Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF - since 2005) for eradication of intellectual malnutrition. @NathTusar Director, SRA-102-C, Shipra Riviera, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad - 201014 (UP)

Plasim Radar

Q & A Session with Dr Alok Pandey in Sydney - On being guided to avoid Guided Meditations. Turning to the Mother. Approaching the Highest via different deities. Only first 14 minutes are captured on v... 

Gebser, Glass, and The Crisis of Paradox - Bear with me, I’m on a bit of a roll this morning. Some of you may have read Marty Glass’s Yuga: The Anatomy of Our Fate, and may have also read Jean Gebse... 

Five Videos of the Mother - Five Videos of the Mother June 28, 2019 / 0 Dear Friends, We are taking the opportunity of sharing with you five videos of the Mother which have been upl... 

Not concerned with evaluation of evidence - Assorted tweets: The Mughals were an integral part of India – so why are they being labelled foreigners? [Replug] 

Five Videos of the Mother - Dear Friends, We are taking the opportunity of sharing with you five videos of the Mother which have been uploaded in the youtube channel of Overman Founda... 

Mind and Supermind, Part 3 - The challenges facing all of humanity require a different way of looking at issues and responding to them. The mind characteristically operates through an... 

Mansoor as Ram Charitra - If both our hearts were clopen, not mine a wound you reopen, then, by the axiom of choice, a constructible Nadim were our Mithra, Trusting in whose gore th... 

Constituting religion: From South Asia to Malaysia - At the start of his outstanding new book, *Constituting Religion*, Tamir Moustafa explains that initially his ambition extended beyond Malaysia to a comp... 

cosmopolitan outlook - When sense and sensitivities get polished by unbiased observation based rational sophistication or as an aspect survival necessity, there emerges as part o... 

Integral Yoga & Human Defects (IV) : What About Psychoanalysis Today ? - I recommend to all those who can read English the great cascade of comments posted yesterday by my psychologist friend Don Salmon who lives in the USA. All... 

Allegiance to the constitution concept is flawed - Assorted tweets: Best book, in my modest opinion, about D-Day is Antony Beevor's masterpiece D-Day. [As Dutchman I read it in the Dutch translation.] https...

Fighting against fascists is no less fascist - Assorted tweets: Rare Video of The Mother Playing Long Tennis @SAADelhiBranch

Sri Aurobindo provides diverse perspectives to sense imperatives -Awakening Bharat Mata: The Political Beliefs of the Indian Right Swapan Dasgupta - 2019 - ‎Preview This ...

Nietzsche or Emerson say to be more individual, Kant tells us to be more universal - Plasim Radar Lab of Evolution Yoga Intégral & Défauts Humains (III): Sri Aurobindo sur la Psychanalyse - NOTE DE SATPREM SUR LE PASSAGE DE “L’AGENDA DE MÈ...

Geography and nature teach the primacy of diversity - Tweets in original by @SavitriEraParty and @NathTusar Five hundred years back, Copernicus was struggling to prove that planets are revolving around the Sun...

My original contributions to understanding Sri Aurobindo - My original contributions to understanding or interpreting Sri Aurobindo can be summarised under a number of heads: 1) Against Hindutva, Mythology, & Astro...