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Conquest of death is the primary aim of Integral Yoga

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Savitri Immersion Workshop 2017 by Rod Hemsell in Belgium
Start: March 29, 2017, 9:00 am
End: April 2, 2017, 9:00 pm
Venue: Tibetan Buddhist Institute BELGIUM

The  conquest  of  death  is  in  fact  the  primary aim  of  the  Integral  Yoga  of  Transformation, as  we learn  from  the  many  volumes  of Sri Aurobindo's  philosophy  of  yoga,  and  from the  Mother's  Agenda.  And  Savitri  is  the mantric  transmission  of  the  will  and  force that  are  activated  in  this  Yoga.  The  principles of  such  a  yoga  are  stated  throughout  Savitri and  many of the  practices  known  to  various schools  of  yoga  are  also  described.  But  in  the cantos  of  Books  9-11  the  process  of  the conquest  of  death  and  rebirth  is  narrated and  the  path  is  defined  with  explicit  detail. The  aim  of  this  workshop  will  be  to  see  and hear  through  the  power  of the  Sruti  this teaching. As  we are told  in  the central  canto, at  the  apex  of Aswapati's Yoga:   “One  shall descend  and break  the iron  law... Fate  shall  be changed  by an unchanging will.”  What  is  being  transmitted  by  Savitri  is fundamentally  not  information  for  the  mind.  Sri Aurobindo's  intention  is  to  transmit  the  force  of truth  from  the  highest  planes  of  consciousness. 
At  some point  in  our  development  and  our  ability to  hear,  we  are  no  longer  gathering  information or  interpreting  anything,  but  we  are  in  the presence  of  the  Goddess  of  Illumined  Speech. She  is  invoked,  becomes  present,  and  fills  one with  the  divine  force.   Rod  Hemsell  will  also  present  additional commentaries  based  on  parallel  teachings  from Tibetan  Buddhism  by  Tenzin  Wangyal  Rinpoche, Songyal  Rinpoche,  Dzogchen  Ponlop,  and  the Dalai  Lama,  from  some  of whom  Rod has received  personal  teachings  and  empowerments. 

PROGRAMME Wednesday Check-in  13:30  -  14:00   Workshop  introduction:  15:00  -  17:00 Thursday  -  Saturday   07:00  -  08:00  Pranayama  and  Meditation   Breakfast  08:00  -  09:00 Savitri  Immersion  from  09:30  –  11:30     Lunch  Break  12:00  –  13:30 Savitri  Immersion  from  13:30  -  15:30;Tea  Break     Savitri  Immersion:  16:00  -  18:00  pm;  Dinner:  19:00 Sunday   Savitri  Immersion  09.30  -  11.30   Lunch  12.00  Closing  at  13:30 For  Rod’s  publications  see: information: Auroville  International  Netherlands   and  the  Sri  Aurobindo  Learning  Center  support  this workshop. Contribution  for  the  5-day  workshop,  including  3  meals, lodging,  and  teaching  will  be  approximately  €  325,-    €  350, depending  amongst  others  on  the  room  choice.   Details  on  reservation  and  rooms  will  be  provided   upon  provisory  subscription. For  information  on  the  content  of  the  program:,   on  the  organisation  and  subscription  to   Josee Lamers: 

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Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

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