Saturday, July 11, 2009

Rajat Dutta is a dream unfulfilled; a journey unfinished

[Most readers are probably wondering what all this has to do with Michael Jackson. Well, it all comes back to the hero. Sri Aurobindo tells us of the Aryan hero, the traveler of the Year (the Vedic Sacrifice) who ‘becomes one with all beings and all inanimate objects in a single self-awareness, love, delight, all-embracing energy’. He is telling us of our destiny. In an era that has long forgotten the true hero and the true hero’s journey, what we celebrate, venerate, worship, adore, and treat ‘like a god’ is anything but the Aryan hero as described in the Vedas and subsequent Indian sacred literature. Will the Real Aryan Please Stand Up?
from Circumsolatious by Lori Tompkins]

[Jackson’s self-remaking can only be understood as a kind of Afrofuturist nightmare, a violent (to himself) leap into the posthuman. As Annalee Newitz puts it, Jackson “turned his body into a kind of science fiction story. He became an enhanced human, using plastic surgery and pharmaceuticals to change his face and seemingly his race as well. He became whiter than most white people, and his pale bandaged skin became his trademark.” Michael Jackson from The Pinocchio Theory by Steven Shaviro 1:48 PM]

Leaving the scene midway, Rajat Dutta is a dream unfulfilled; a journey unfinished. His exit, however, is a poser to all of us whether our aspirations are really on course or astray. Rajat’s immense zeal and heroic enthusiasm, I presume, met a blind alley. He strove to accomplish a social harmony and a personal concordance within the existing imperfections of the world, which, clearly, proved a barrier. And there was no point in wasting time. With all of you in condolence. [TNM]


from Subroto date15 July 2009 12:16 subject CONDOLENCE: Dear All, With a heavy heart we wish to inform you about the sad and untimely demise of Shri Rajat Dutta on 5th July 2009.

Mr. Dutta was a guiding light for many and his ebullient nature made him a darling of all. Within the limited time destiny had written for him he reached great professional heights in his career uncompromising for the values for which he always stood. After reaching great heights in the corporate world he was a family man and his capability to reach out warmly to each and everybody was unparalleled. The warmth and energy he infused wherever he went made him the most loveable and adored.

A Condolence meeting and Shanti Path is being organized to pay tribute and pray for salvation of his holy soul, details as follows; Date; 18th July 2009 (Saturday) Time; 6pm – 8pm Venue; SRA Parking, Shipra Riviera, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad (Entry from Gate No.4). Rsvp > SRDP&SM & members; Bereaved family: Rusha, Rumi, Renee and Mrs. Gitali Dutta

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