Sunday, July 03, 2005

Harpal Singh: A Visionary

Indirapuram was planned and conceived as an ambitious project by the GDA years ago, but it did not take off because of lack of infrastructural facilities. Many residential colonies built by the GDA were lying unsold and abandoned. Though pivotally situated amidst Noida, Ghaziabad and east Delhi, the area used to wear a deserted look.
And then came Shri Harpal Singh. With his daring vision, Shri Harpal Singh worked upon a semi-built LIG colony built by the GDA and transformed it into Shipra Riviera, a sprawling residential complex with all modern facilities. Through innovative marketing strategies, the project became an instant success and within a year, nearly 1000 families found their homes, thanks to Shri Harpal Singh.
Now, of course, Indirapuram has become the most sought after destination within the National Capital Region and a large number of real estate companies have set up their apartment complexes and Malls. Still, Shri Harpal Singh can really be described as the founder of Indirapuram , but for whose catalytic role the development of the area and its adjoining colonies would not have taken place so rapidly.
Although, the untimely demise of Shri Harpal Singh robbed the residents of Shipra Riviera, of a friend and a well wisher, his memory lingers in the popular imagination.

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